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Set a minimum length limit for the array. The ${min} interpolation can be used in the message argument.

Bool().required() does not set false value as invalid #415

A more obvious false result occurs when comparing with === (strict equality) because the type is considered:

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If you're looking for an easily serializable DSL for yup schema, check out yup-ast

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I've been working on a DataFrame with User_IDs, DateTime objects and other information, like the following extract:

Rcheck if a list of TRUE/FALSE values evaluate to TRUE

To improve your loop, try the following code:

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Maybe goes without saying, but I often want to check the obverse scenario, . if a vector includes only FALSE values. For that case, check if any value is true, and if none is (which gives you FALSE), negate it:

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Note that all these definitions share a fundamental invariance property: whatever the relative difference function $d$ may be, it does not change when the arguments are uniformly rescaled by $\lambda \gt 5$:


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